Sales Negotiation Mastery with The DEAL Method®

Previously reserved for global organizations
Now accessible to all starting June 4, 2024

  • Master the art of assertiveness
  • Strategize and prepare for negotiations
  • Counter buyer tactics effectively
  • Implement winning concession-making strategies
  • Average DEAL Method® rating:
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Join the ranks of tens of thousands of sales professionals worldwide who have benefited from Halifax's acclaimed programs

10,000+ Professionals Trained Yearly

“We’re not merely training your sales team; we’re creating a profound transformation. Leveraging our expert consulting, proprietary assessments, and customized training, we’re shaping it into a robust sales force ready for success.”

Rodolphe Meynier, CEO
Halifax Consulting North America

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Master the Secret Rule That Sets Skilled Negotiators Apart


Master the Secret Rule That Sets Skilled Negotiators Apart

90 minutes
May 15, 2024

Are you ready to take charge of your negotiation skills and unleash your full potential with Halifax Consulting, a global leader in negotiation and sales training? Don’t miss this chance to enhance your negotiation skills and leave the workshop wondering why you didn’t start this journey years ago. Reserve your spot now for this transformative event!

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Training solution

As sales become increasingly complex, Halifax Consulting understands the diverse needs of professionals—from technical experts driving business development to product sales personnel aspiring to advance in key account management. To meet these varied needs, we’ve developed tailored training programs designed specifically for your organization, ensuring comprehensive support for every individual’s career journey.

Sales training

Elevate Your Sales Mastery: Unleash The LEAD Method® for Success

Sales negotiation

Forge Stronger Relationships, Maximize Profits: Embrace The DEAL Method®

Sales management training

Shift From Sales Management to Team Leadership With The BOSS Method®

Key account management training

Transforming Key Account Managers Into Growth Architects & Advisors With The PAC$ and PIRAT Method®

Strategic account management training

Transforming KAMs Into SAMs: Mastering Strategic Client Relationships

Distributor management training

Empower Distributors, Boost Sales: Master The ROCK Method

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Data-Driven Solutions:
Diagnose First,
Then Prescribe

Discovering the perfect training solution amidst countless options can be daunting for organizations. It’s like aiming in the dark, hoping to hit the target with the right training journey for your team. At Halifax Consulting, we illuminate the path forward. Our proprietary assessments eliminate the guesswork, guiding you towards tailored solutions with precision.

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The Halifax consulting approach


Halifax consults, assesses, and trains revenue-generating professionals to overcome their greatest obstacles and achieve their objectives.



  • Consulting and guiding your organization through sales transformations.
  • Consulting on the optimization of sales performance across channels.
  • Identifies focal points for teams and managers.
  • Halifax has achieved an average impact of +9% per year for its clients.
  • Halifax has assessed/coached 3,000+ salespeople in 120 skills.



  • Thorough examination of strategic, marketing, and sales plans, along with evaluation of sales tools.
  • Ensure alignment of training initiatives with specific challenges and areas for improvement within your organization’s sales process.
  • Streamline and facilitate internal transfers of employees into sales roles within your organization through Halifax’s specialized process.



  • Halifax Consulting offers tailored and innovative blended learning journeys in sales, management, KAM, and negotiation.
  • Custom programs catered to your career stage and aspirations.
  • Exclusive methodologies enhancing sales performance.
  • Can train over 15,000 individuals annually in your preferred language.
  • Four best-selling programs on sales excellence.

Roll out

Roll out

  • Halifax’s exclusive AI-powered consultant provides tailored coaching on negotiations and sales.
  • E-learning modules readily available in 12 languages.
  • Improved retention rates by up to 170%.
  • Individual KPIs for tracking skills development.
  • Reduce costs and emissions: Our solution cuts travel expenses by 40% and lowers carbon output by 2 tons per on-site session (2-3 days for 10 people).

Find the Best Training Solution to transform Your Team

Unsure which training will be best for your sales team or for yourself? Our dedicated team of experts is available to discuss your needs.

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What our clients say

“Customers now no longer want transactional and standard. They want an answer to their needs and a seller who understands them. Our partnership with Halifax is quite fundamental.”

Christopher Guerin, CEO

“We significantly enhanced our performance, concluding last year with sales for key brands that exceeded the budget by 40%.”

Flavio Omeñaca, Sales Director
Novo Nordisk

“Presently, we can quantify that all sales representatives who participate in Halifax courses are more proficient in positioning themselves and securing new accounts, thereby generating more profitable business for the company.”

Cintia Teles, Marketing and Sales Corporate Academy